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About Us

The Copper Dragon is a new venue in Canberra, providing a unique space for the growing communities of cosplay, table-top gaming, live action role play and everything geeky in between.

The Dream

Creator, Isobel Majewski, has always dreamt of a place she could be transported to another world. A place for fun and adventure, with a community full of new friends to be met. In 2017, Isobel left the Public Service to make her dream a reality, and open the doors of The Copper Dragon.

Just 18 months later, and those doors are almost ready to open!

Creator - Isobel Majewski

The Vision

Community is at the heart of our vision for The Copper Dragon, and we aim to support, nurture and grow our community in everything we do.

Driven by these core values, our humble tavern seeks to provide an hospitality venue, for folks from all walks of life, to share our geeky passions with friends, family and the good folk of Canberra, in a safe and inclusive space.